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Unify track

1 hr/day without wasting a moment.

Unify will deliver exactly what you are looking for when it comes to training smarter and harder. If you miss the workout in the gym, we provide a modified option for you at home with simple equipment.

Unify Your Fitness
Home or garage crossfit programming option


We believe effective training isn’t “more is always better”.


Can't make it to a gym? No Problem, Unify provides a garage option for each workout.


Videos, podcasts, and blog articles on topics like rehab, coaching, etc.

Home gym crossfit programming – a fit for your busy lifestyle

Less is More

A Fit For Your Lifestyle

As a 33-year-old dad with a full time job, time is my number one priority. Icon has helped me realize that less can, in fact, be more when it comes to training. Since joining, I have see steady growth in the gym without sacrificing my lifestyle or time with my family.

David Walker

Fitness for outdoors

A Fit For Your Lifestyle

In my free time I kitesurf, CrossFit and the Icon program really helped me attain a better range of motion. My strength increased allowing me to surf for a longer period of time, which is great at 37 years of age.

Alex Strunck – Kite Surver

Strive For More

Push your limits each and everyday.

I have been following Icon almost since the time it began. I continue to see improvements with my fitness especially with being a part of Crossfit for quite some time now. Such a great community. Everyone is supportive and Chris whom never fails to answer any questions that I may have. I love the program, the community and Chris with all his elements he continues to produce. Through his coaching and advice I am able to achieve and continue to strive on getting fitter faster.

Bec Akdemir
Less Is More
Fitness For Outdoors
Everyday Elevated

Chris spealler

Born From A Passion For Fitness

Chris Spealler, 7 time individual CrossFit Games Competitor, created Icon Athlete from a passion for Fitness, Athletics, Coaching, & Teaching Experience.

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