Strength + GPP

Strength and GPP programming with appropriate volume and maximal results.


Strength + GPP finds the balance of strength work and GPP programming. This style of programming takes experience and trust. When done well athletes can continually progress with strength gains and appropriate amounts of volume while avoiding over training. We use a variety of methods for cycling in strength work that compliments our GPP programming to keep athletes moving forward, not getting beat down.

Created for the athlete who wants a workout AND strength work.

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What's Included

  • Daily workouts and coaching tips
  • Movement library
  • Access to the Speal Programming Private Facebook Group
  • Daily engagement from Chris Spealler on the FB page
  • Olympic & Strength cycles incorporated
  • Accessory work included daily
  • A community of like-minded, hard-working individuals

“Chris puts more time and effort into his remote programming than any other coach I’ve met or know of. Uniquely, this applies to everyone, regardless of their ability level or aspirations in the sport of CrossFit”