Age-specific programming designed for athletes 35+

MASTERS Programming

MASTERS is specifically programmed for individuals who are 35+ in age. The MASTERS track differs from all other Icon tracks because it is structured differently when it comes to recovery, mobility, warm-ups, and cool-downs. As we get older, recovery is more important and if we neglect it, we start to minimize results, therefore we program active recovery days and other elements so you can see results sooner, rather than later.

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What's Included

  • Daily workouts and coaching tips

  • Movement library

  • Access to the Masters Private Facebook Group

  • Daily engagement from coaches Chris Spealler & Doug Zakaras on the FB page

  • Cycled strength and oly cycles every 6-9 weeks

  • Member discounts on speciality programs – $10 off

  • Community of like-minded, hard working masters

“The Masters programming really feels individualized. I love the community. There is never any negativity, just positive attitudes, great advice, and lots of laughs”