Icon Athlete Programming

Get fit and get results with classic CrossFit style programming. Options for everyone.

How we’re different


The foundation of our programming is classic CrossFit. Why? Because it works. It creates high power output which creates intensity and intensity gives us results.

At any given week you’ll see couplets, triplets, and high power output programming that lasts in a 9-15 min range. Depending on what track you follow, you’ll see different cycles of weightlifting, aerobic capacity pieces, gymnastics elements, and so on. At Icon we never have what may be considered a “de-training” phase, where you don’t do anything. We’re ALWAYS working on maintaining or improving things.

We offer four different programming options: ICON, COMPETE, MASTERS, and GYM.


1/hr a day classic CrossFit workouts.


90+ min a day competitive CrossFit programming.


Age-specific CrossFit programming.


Unlimited access to all programming.

“Real results every single day as a result of structured programming with focused goals.”