GYM programming

Designed to help your coaches run professional classes every single day of the week



Experience-Driven Programming

7 days/week gym programming designed to help your coaches run professional classes every single day of the week.

Daily Workout Brief Videos

Daily workout brief video that your team can use to both improve their own knowledge,  coaching and members’ class experience.

General & Skill Specific Warm-Ups

Workout-specific general and skill-specific warm-ups that prime and prepare your athletes for the day’s movement patterns.

Full Week View

You receive each week of programming by the Thursday before, to help your team prepare and plan to deliver the best hour of your members’ day – every week.

Detailed Lesson Plans

Start-to-finish lesson plans that include a detailed workout brief of the desired stimulus for each workout, to help coaches and athletes make smart loading and scaling decisions.

Exclusive Member Access

Access to our private Instagram account (@spealgymmembersonly) where we post the week’s programming, workout stimulus, accessory work, and coaching videos. Everything you need in one place.

Weekly Newsletters

Weekly newsletters with coaches notes for the week, community updates, weekly nutrition tips that can be passed on to your community, and podcast releases.

7-Day Free Trial

Trial the Speal Gym programming for FREE for 7 days. Available to sign-up at Beyond the Whiteboard or SugarWOD. You can sign-up as an individual on BTWB if you don’t have or want a BTWB Gym account.