IA76 Not Making Regionals

The Open is over!!! Many made the cut to regionals but a number of people didn’t that some of us may have expected to see there. Doug and Chris run through some of the names and their take on the Open. Was it fair, does it matter for the very fittest? Plus, take a trip to the past and hear about Doug and Chris when they were 16… yeah, they got off track.

IA73 Hacking the Open

Hacking the Open… and maybe not in the best way. There is a difference between hard work, technique, and efficiency of movement vs. finding ways to cut corners, trick monitors, and cross your fingers that it gets you further in the ranking. Lets be honest, the Open can bring “bro reps” and some pretty interesting “strategies”. Doug and Chris dive in on this topic and talk integrity and how it spills into other areas of our lives. Plus, what does the recycling truck have against Chris’s trash can?!

IA72 Training Between Open Workouts

This week Chris and Doug test out adding another caller to the podcast with our guest visitor…. Kenzie! All working within Icon Athlete they run through what training should look like on those days between Open workouts. Regardless of your level of commitment or what your approach is we cover some ways to keep the engine idled and continue training. Plus, if you or your significant other has ever been pregnant you will love Kenzie’s pet peeve of the week!

IA70 Maximizing Your CrossFit Open Experience

The Open is here!! At least it starts next week, so you better make the most of it. This week Doug and Chris run through ways to maximize your environment for both performance an enjoyment of your CrossFit Open Experience this year. You may be able to control much more than you think for these 5 weeks coming up. Plus, avocado toast, golf gloves, a foot in your mouth, and formal apologies… yep, all that stuff. If you are looking to take full advantage of your CrossFit Open experience and want to join us go to iconathlete.com and hop on board!

IA69 Individual Coaching vs. Online Programming

This week Doug and Chris address a question they got a few weeks back. Individual Coaching or Online Programming? Are they comparable, is one better than the other, and why? They have a seriously honest conversation on the benefits, cost, and appearances that can be projected from some coaches or programs. Plus, Doug has a new sponsor even though he had to pay for the item. He can blame Chris, who can blame Josh Bridges for the purchase.

IA68 Aerobic Work and Heart Rate Monitors When It Comes To CrossFit

This week Doug and Chris take on a question from one of their reviews on the spot. They dive into the topic of aerobic capacity, the use of heart rate monitors for CrossFit specific workouts, and get off track as usual talking about Masters athletes, training volume, the list goes on and on. And what’s up with those bins that are supposed to measure your carry on for overhead compartments… they have to be way off.