IA 114: Pitfalls of CrossFit

IA 114: Pitfalls of CrossFit

This week Doug and Chris answer a question that one of their listeners provides and they find themselves being total CrossFit geeks again. Is strength the foundation of fitness? I guess it all depends on how you define the two. Listen in on their thoughts and keep away from those selfie sticks.


One thought on “IA 114: Pitfalls of CrossFit

  1. Hey Chris/Doug

    Thank you both for this episode, I think it put into words some topics that float around in my head an awful lot.
    Along the lines of injuries discussed in this podcast and people staying off or working around injuries. I had this same problem after sustaining a wrist injury from working out. I also constantly found myself at the gym wondering how I could train around this injury.
    I ended up scratching my own itch and developed a WOD generator app in my spare time that gives CrossFit.com workout ideas that work around your injury.
    The app is called “Injry” if you guys would like to try it out.
    Keep up the good work here, catch you guys next time. Thank you again.

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