IA 109: Exercising to Eat

IA 109: Exercising to Eat

This week Doug and Chris tackle a topic that may not be talked about all that often. What is it that drives us to workout and what are we really using it for. Is it an excuse to make poor lifestyle choices outside the gym? Is that worth it? Do we live in “moderation” and what does that even mean? Is that the right approach for you? Lots to chew on in this one without many answers, but all worth the conversation.


One thought on “IA 109: Exercising to Eat

  1. Great episode enjoyed it a lot, trying this days not chitmeal and eating ones in awhile food that are not in my diet while keeping proportions.
    Irrelevant question, my boyfriend loves cereal. So after listening I told him that ‘Chris eats them to’ so is it like the really good stuff like lucky charms or the healthier ones?

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