IA 100: Preventing Injury

IA 100: Preventing Injury

This week Doug and Chris continue the conversation on the topic of being hurt versus injured. This time around though they talk about ways to avoid even having to have that conversation.  It’s no surprise that it’s probably much more simple than you think but listen in to hear their approaches for smart in effective training while avoiding injury.


One thought on “IA 100: Preventing Injury

  1. Hi,
    As CrossFit trainer since 2013 I tried a bunch of warm-up routine types, from almost any warm-up to tradicional 3 round of…
    Nowaday our gym general warm-ups looks like this:
    Some crawls for 10/20 meter
    Walking lunges for 10/20 meter
    Werm walks/ burpee walk 10 meter
    DB / KB unilateral work as waiter carries; presses; tgu’s
    And then the specifics
    I use this Kindle of routine for 3 years now and the injury rate is “0”.
    You do a great job with this podcast!
    Cheers from Portugal!

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