IA 98: Programming

IA 98: Programming

This week Doug and Chris run through a variety of questions one of their Icon members had in regards to programming.  It gives you a deeper look into their, fundamentals, approach, and theory behind much of what they do.  Learn what guides much of the programming behind Icon, and the new things Chris is learning and developing with Grunt Work.


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  1. Hey Chris – I’ve already written a short review that you’ve read on Icon Athlete (once you and Doug realized the iTunes held review gold under the menu for other countries!) so I won’t repeat that here. Instead I’m emailing you just to say that you have helped inspire me to create my own podcast, The BoxJumper Podcast (box jumper.ca), which I launched back in February. So far it’s been going quite well, slowly picking up steam and growing an audience. I’ve been a CrossFitter since late 2015, earned my L1 and began coaching in 2017 and continue to update my knowledge, including getting my Catalyst Athletics L1 certification early this year. But I’m still green and I know it, so I’ve made my podcast more of an interview show than anything, but I try to keep it light, entertaining and informative – and at least in that respect, I hope it’s in the spirit of what you and Doug do, passionately advocating for CrossFit and the general physical preparedness lifestyle.

    Your topics are always engaging and whether you intend for them to be or not, thought-provoking for those of us with an analytical type-A personality like me. I’m always trying to find new bits of useful information to absorb from what other experts in the community have to say, and I get an avalanche of that from you and Doug.

    So, for inspiring me to get off my ass and do something with this stuff in my head, much the way Crossfit inspired me to first get off the couch and then get in front of a class – thank you. So far, I’ve talked to box owners, athletes earning the early rewards of having embarked on their fitness journey, event organizers, a doctor in his 60s using CrossFit to maintain the stamina and strength for long hours of surgery, and even CrossFit Games masters rookie Colleen McQuaid. And I have much more planned.

    If you’re interested in joining me on the podcast, I’d be thrilled to have you as a guest to talk about whatever we can come up with for an area of focus – personally, I’d love to discuss masters programming and scaling, particularly for truly mature athletes (which we have plenty of at the box at which I coach, Osprey Athletics in Bedford, NS Canada).

    Above all, keep up the great back and forth with Doug. You have fans all over the world in some small corners. You can certainly count me as one of them.

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