IA54 The Unspoken CrossFit Etiquette

IA54 The Unspoken CrossFit Etiquette

Whether we know it or not there seems to be some unspoken code of CrossFit etiquette. Each gym has it’s own sub culture that is in some way or another part of the CrossFit movement. Each has it’s own vibe, way of doing things, and approach to the methodology but there are often some things that people are expected to do or not to do.

Doug and Chris talk through some of the topics that people often assume they should know or expect people to know… but it could be different with all of our experiences, not necessarily good or bad. Some common sense and paying attention can go a long way when you walk into a new box, drop in somewhere, or workout with the same crew you have been for the past 10 years.


One thought on “IA54 The Unspoken CrossFit Etiquette

  1. Chris and Doug, you guys are so great. I really enjoy listening on my commute to work. As for CrossFit etiquette, I agree— so much of it is just being nice and having common sense. I know you’ve talked about this before as a pet peeve, but I hate when athletes skip because they don’t like the workout. I have many who don’t like running or burpees or heavy lifting, so they bail. I try to do a lot of rephrasing and encouraging (ex: you need to work your weaknesses, they will improve you overall) but sometimes I just want to be like “you’re a grown up! Sometimes you just have to do stuff you don’t like!”
    Anyway- wondering if you could have a female athlete come on? Coach, owner, or athlete- doesn’t matter. And another topic idea that I’d love your guys’ input on: how do I keep improving and progressing now that I am a coach and owner? I don’t have anyone around who can push me or offer critiques. I don’t want to plateau but I feel a little lost in my own training.

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