IA40 Setting an Example

IA40 Setting an Example

Last week Doug and Chris hit the hard reality of the difficulty with making the decision to compete in the masters division or not for Chris.  All the things that come along with it in helping make that decision… but we got called out.  One of our own Icon Athlete members had questions regarding the seriousness of Chris’s decision making process.  Is he setting the example he should be, and following the advice that he would give his own athletes in Icon.

This week Doug and Chris dig deeper talking about the steps Chris has taken in order to try to resolve the issue.  Imaging, PT’s, lower volume, assessments, etc.  The list goes on.  This week is an update on the process and helps paint a full picture of exactly what Chris is doing.  Hear the conclusion that we come to on if Chris would suggest this to his own athletes.


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