After the Open… Now what?!

After the Open… Now what?!

So you’re done with the Open…  Now what??

          First of all, a BIG congratulations to all of the athletes that competed in the Open – that is no small feat! Hopefully it was a fun and also rewarding experience. It is possible it also served as a gauge for you fitness. Did you do better than you expected, or did you finish feeling as though you did do as well as you had hoped?

For many athletes, the Open prompts us to look at how we pick up with our training from here on out: are you inspired to get stronger, get more fit, get leaner over the next year, perhaps to be even more competitive than you were this year?

Do not neglect or underestimate the role that nutrition plays in these goals. I have heard it said – and must say that I agree – that nutrition cannot make a good athlete great, but nutrition can make a great athlete good. Nutrition can absolutely hold us back from reaching our athletic and fitness (& health) goals.

Keep in mind that it is nutrition, not exercise, which plays a larger role in shifting our body composition (i.e. getting leaner). When we look at studies on weight loss, very rarely can individuals achieve healthful weight loss through exercise alone (though of course exercise plays a contributing role). Nutrition is what fuels us for our workouts so that we have the energy needed to give it all we have; nutrition is what shifts our body from a catabolic state (think muscle break down) to an anabolic state (think muscle building and growth) in the recovery period. Nutrition also play a contributing role in our immune health – are we getting sick all of the time so that we cannot train effectively, or are we more resilient and able to fend off every virus and bacterial infection we encounter? Do our day to day nutrition habits give us sufficient energy to do what we need to on a day to day basis while not resulting in over-nutrition?

Of course I am not minimizing the role of sleep, training, recovery, flexibility work, etc. on our performance. I also encourage you to ask yourself if you are fully giving your nutrition the time and dedication that it deserves?

Icon nutrition is intended to not only educate you how to eat before, during, and after exercise; Icon nutrition also teaches you how to eat for life. Our goal is to support you in optimizing your health and performance through something you do multiple times a day: eating.

If you’re not an Icon member, consider giving it a try and seeing how it impacts your health and performance. If you are a member, are you really giving it the time and attention it deserves? Are you watching all of the webinars, listening to the podcasts, reading the blogs, and tracking your intake? And, if you are not getting from it what you hoped to, give us (specifically me) this feedback as to how we can better serve you – we want this to be for you and we want this to serve you well.

It’s been a pleasure working with you over the past several months. Let’s move forward and see how we can continue to serve you over the following year.




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