IA26 Assessment and Accessory with Doug Zakaras

IA26 Assessment and Accessory with Doug Zakaras

This week Doug and I talk about what’s next?  People generally fall into different camps this time of year when the Open is coming to an end.

  1. We had fun in the Open and continue training and having fun with it.
  2. We focused on the Open, possibly put in some training for it and we find ourselves having met our goal or maybe falling short of it.
  3. The elite athletes are focuses on Regionals and the Games.

Either way we have a chance to assess how things went and where we currently are.  A simple assessment can help us identify where we can focus to become more well rounded athletes.  For some of us, improvement may be found in adding in some accessory work.  We talk about what it is, how to utilize it, and who it may be best suited for.


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