the Super Bowl: Healthy Nutrition meets Game Day

the Super Bowl: Healthy Nutrition meets Game Day

Super Bowl Nutrition: Health & Football can come together!

Hi everyone! Just a few notes about the Super Bowl as many of us prep for the big game day.  So often I hear from patients that the Super Bowl party is a ‘cheat’ day (hopefully you know my perspective on ‘cheat days’ by now!), and I actually have the most patient cancellations the day after the Super Bowl from remorse and fear of the damage they just did.

I believe this to be completely avoidable and within our control. I do think we can have fun, enjoy some good food, and not compromise our health and nutrition goals. Here are some tips for the big game viewing:

  • Don’t arrive starving.  If you are overly hungry, you will overeat. Have a good protein + carb snack beforehand. You can modify what you eat during the day to accommodate a larger-than-normal evening calorie intake, but don’t restrict all day and end up starving. This is a recipe for disaster.
  • See all that you eat: plate your food! Don’t eat chips, wings, etc. out of the basket/bowl/bag (definitely NOT the bag).  Put everything you want to eat on a plate first. Research shows when we see all that we eat, this gives us feedback that helps moderate our intake.
  • Don’t place yourself right next to the food. In fact, sit as far away as you can. Research shows the closer we are, the more we eat.
  • Track it. ALL.  Seriously. It’s okay to acknowledge it might be more than what you normally eat, but tracking gives us some accountability for our actions, and this is a good thing.
  • Think about the plate method – proportions may not be perfect, but still try to get some veggies in there (with a dip, for example, instead of using chips – dip carrots in guac instead of tortilla chips); have some protein, and if there are any whole grains go for those (Food Should Taste Good brand and other multigrain tortilla chips aren’t so bad…)
  • Drinks.  Moderation is good.  I recommend setting a goal for alcohol consumption ahead of time. Have a game plan. You decide what that is for you – 1-2 drinks per women, 2-3 per men might be a reasonable and moderate goal – but plan it out ahead of time. Remember, the more you drink, the more you’re likely to eat, and the less healthy you are likely to eat. Yikes.
  • Bring a moderately healthy snack/side dish to share. While Super Bowls have a reputation for being notoriously unhealthy, you might be surprised how many others will appreciate healthier options as well. Here are some recipe ideas that might be helpful:

There you have it. Let me know how it goes! Let’s see if we can have a great night AND feel great to train in the morning!




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