IA17 Kenzie Groot 3

IA17 Kenzie Groot 3

This week Kenzie and I talk through what we learned not to do and what to do as an affiliate that is trying to help as many people participate in the Open as possible.  Hear insight on our schedule and how we run things at CrossFit Park City, a solid template that we use for Icon Athletes to set yourself up for success, and what our favorite… and least favorite workouts are.

Below is a sample week of how we approached the Open with our Icon Athlete community last year.  To join the fun and get loads of help through this years Open sign up at the link below:


2/29/2016 3/1/2016 3/2/2016 3/3/2016 3/4/2016 3/5/2016 3/6/2016


EMOM 21 min

Min 1: Assault Bike 20/17 cal
Min 2: 14 Wall Ball (30/20)
Min 3: 7 Bar Muslce Ups

Find 1 RM
Snatch Balance + 2 OHSMuslce Snatch
7-7-7Snatch Grip DL
Deadlfit (225/155)
Handstand Push Up
Run 400 metersMidline:
Reverse Hyper
3 x 20

Strict Toes to Bar
3 x 15

1 Front Squat OTM x 10 min

-use 90% for all sets

3 Rounds
15 OHS (135/95)
15 Strict Pull Up
15 Swing (70/53)
15 Box Jump (30/24)

5 Rounds
20 Hollow Rock
10 Candlesticks (alternating)

Rest Day 16.2 Find your 1 RM
Clean Pull + Squat Clean + Front Squat + Push PressMuscle Clean
5-5-5Close Grip Bench Press
5 Rounds
20/17 Cal Assault Bike
15 GHD Sit Up
20 Push Up-Do each round as a sprint, rest 2 min between efforts
Easy Row, Bike, or Jog for 20-30 min

Mobilize Areas Needed

Practice skill portions for Open WOD if applicable

Notes WOD Goal: Sub 7-10 min WOD Goal: Sub 12-15 min Goal: Sub 3 min/round



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