Webinar – Ep 1.

Webinar – Ep 1.

Password: iconnutrition

Questions submitted before the webinar:

  • How to address a higher fiber intake when carbohydrate intake is increased
  • What to do when you wake up early and end up being hungrier throughout the day
  • Addressing a higher saturated fat and cholesterol intake than what MyFitnessPal recommends
  • Are eggs ok? MCT oils?
  • Addressing rate of weight loss – when is too much a concern?
  • Baby nutrition – managing nutrition when life gets busy

We discussed all of the above questions. We also delved a little more into the reasoning behind the Icon nutrition recommendations (i.e., a higher carbohydrate intake) and the scientific basis behind this. We talked about why we make recommendations in terms of grams/kg of body weight (compared to percentages). We also discussed some tips for approaching the holidays, which can also be found on the blog post posted on Thursday (12/22).


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